Our Physical Therapy Clinic: Located in Elko, Spring Creek and Carlin

Elko Spine PT offers many unique services not available in other therapy clinics. First, our patients enjoy the only WARM WATER aquatic rehab SwimEx pool in Elko county. We are also part of a multi-specialty medical group. This makes our clinic and therapists different. Our physical therapists have on-site access to various medical professionals and doctors (pain management specialists, spine surgeons and a physiatrist). Physical therapists are easily able to communicate and collaborate with specialists about our patients. Recommendations for needed tests and procedures are efficiently scheduled and conveniently performed. Advanced equipment is available within the adjoining office for specialists to perform various procedures including: ultra sound guided trigger point and steroid injections, fluoroscopic lumbar epidurals, electromyography testing, platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections, and Botox injections for muscle spasticity management for migraine headaches.

Our goal at Elko Spine PT is to ensure every patient receives the most one-on-one time and attention possible on each visit. We believe each patient deserves to have their care provided by a highly skilled physical therapist.

Elko Spine Physical Therapy:
We Give You Tools for Success

Our physical therapists aren't only available to provide treatment and send you on your way, they are available to educate you. Proper education about why you've been prescribed a specific treatment, and instruction on how to continue it when you're out of the clinic helps put much of your success in your own hands.

Every treatment, no matter the ailment, requires effort on the part of our patients. When you arrive, your appointment will consist of a:

  • Subjective assessment
  • Physical exam
  • Physical therapy diagnosis
  • Development of your individual treatment plan
  • Initiation of your treatment program

After your evaluation, you will begin working toward your goals with the help of your therapist, and continue any exercises assigned throughout the week at home on your own. If this proves difficult, just call your therapist and they'll be happy to give you tips and modify your program as needed!

Our therapists love to set the path, but it’s your energy that will carry you to the finish line.

Preventative and Focused Treatment

You can benefit from physical therapy at any time in your life—whether you're old or young, injured or looking to prevent injury.

Focused treatment is determined by each individual diagnosis. The therapists of Elko Spine Physical Therapy are experts in assisting with recovery after surgery, stroke, life with arthritis, osteoporosis and other orthopedic disorders.

Individualized treatment is also applied to short-term injuries such as a sprained ankle or hairline fracture. Physical therapy is important for the treatment of these injuries so that you will be able to perform daily tasks again without residual weakness or pain.

Preventative treatment is a reason many athletes seek out physical therapy. Through education, fitness programs, mobility and flexibility exercises, your chances of being injured during a competition can be greatly decreased.

We Are Here for You

Elko Spine Physical Therapy clinics are conveniently located and are easily accessible—and if you aren't able to leave your house, we will come to you!

If you're suffering from a long-term illness, are an avid sports player or you spend too much time at a desk and want to know the best way to incorporate workouts and avoid arthritis, physical therapy can help.

We are here for you, whether it’s at the clinic or in the comfort of your own home. Simply call us today and book your appointment now!

Let us assist you on your road to recovery

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