In-Home Physical Therapy

While clinics offer more instruments for recovery, we understand that it is not always possible for clients to make it to Elko Spine Physical Therapy because their injuries are too severe, or they are simply too weak to do so.

While we encourage all clients to make it a goal to transition out of in-home physical therapy, it is a service we are happy to offer.

Who Can Benefit?

In-home physical therapy is primarily offered to seniors, but is also suggested for clients whose injuries are too severe to leave the house. In other cases clients suffering from mental trauma may also find in-home physical therapy beneficial.

In terms of pediatric clients, especially those with disabilities, a therapist may visit the home environment from time to time.

When a senior citizen is assigned an in-home therapist, it could be due to any of the following ailments:

  • A fall or loss of balance
  • Joint pain
  • Back pain
  • Recovery from hip or knee surgery
  • Recovery from a stroke
  • Heart failure/heart attack

In-home physical therapy helps clients regain their independence.

Advantages of In-Home Physical Therapy

Given the fact that following surgery, 66% of clients prefer physical therapy initially at home. It can take a fair amount of time and effort getting to/from an in-clinic appointment, it is easy to see home physical therapy as an attractive first option.

Here at Elko Spine Physical Therapy we're aware that your time is valuable! On top of that, why risk further injury with travel when you can recover in the comfort of your own home? There are many advantages of a traveling physical therapist.

But What Are the Disadvantages?

In-home physical therapy can cover stroke rehabilitation, general pain in the back, neck, head, knee and hip regions, arthritis, tendinitis, fractures,and many more ailments you may suffer from.

However, therapists are limited to the tools they can bring with them to your residence and do not have access to the full range of equipment a clinic can offer.

Activities such as aquatic therapy, electrotherapy, specific strength and specific balance training are all treatments that require a specialized environment to be successful.

Depending on the extent of your medical condition, it may be necessary for you to transition to a clinical environment to assist you in completing your rehab goals.

Making Your First Appointment

If you do not yet have a referral or wonder if your insurance will cover in-home therapy, call Elko Spine Physical Therapy and our knowledgeable therapists will answer all of you questions.

If you already have a providers/doctor's referral and feel you are unable to come into the clinic initially and are considering having a therapist come to your home, contact a therapist right away. They will assess your condition and recommend if in-home physical therapy is right for you.

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